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Noami Klein - On Fire : The Burning Case for a Green N
Noami Klein

On Fire : The Burning Case for a Green N

The fight for a green world is the fight of our lives. And with On Fire, Naomi Klein gives us the ammunition to do it. In frank, personal terms, she shows us how the only way forward out of a polluted world of our own making is only through policy reform - a concrete set of actions to combat the mounting threat of total environmental catastrophe. What's needed, she argues, is something with radical verve and guaranteed protections: in other words, a New Deal. On Fire finds Klein at her most canny and prophetic, and the stakes of our imperiled global situation higher than ever before. In wide-ranging essays reporting from varying stages of ecological crisis - from prescient clarion calls from years ago to our panicked present - Klein wakes us up from our environmental sleepwalk and sets us on a course of potent, necessary action.

Jazyk: slovenský
Vydavateľ: Penguin Books Ltd.
Rok vydania: 2019
Počet strán: 224
Väzba: Paperback
Váha: 400 g
Rozmery (š-v-h): 153 x 234 mm
EAN 9780241410738
Dodacia doba: momentálne nedostupné

18.75 €
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